11 November: Non-functioning housing markets in the Nordics

Note that all times are preliminary and subject to change. We will use Menti for questions and opinions throughout all three events.

13.00 Welcome to the webinar series! Paula Lehtomäki, Secretary-General at the Nordic Council of Ministers will speak about the Nordic Vision and the added value of Nordic cooperation. Our moderator, Michael Funch, will give us an introduction to the theme, speakers and programme.

13.10 Egon Noe, Professor at the University of South Denmark talks on how to Make housing markets work for people.

13.30 Moa Tunström, Lecturer at Karlstad University, and previous Senior Research Fellow at Nordregio, presents some of the findings from the report Building affordable homes: Challenges and solutions in the Nordic Region.

13.50 Søren Qvist Eliasen, Senior Research Fellow at Nordregio reflects on a recent study conducted by Nordregio on behalf of the Nordic Thematic Group for Sustainable Rural Development, namely Rural housing – a frozen market? 

14.10 Time for questions from the audience! Our key-notes will line up and respond to your questions.

14.30 - 14.40 Short break

14.40 Welcome back! We're starting with some expert comments, tour around the Nordics, regional examples and case study results, all gathered under the title "Post-pandemic housing and living in the Nordics". With us, we have Harry Flam, Professor in Economics at Stockholm University, Tina KM Sinclair, Senior Advisor at Vestland County Council, Anna Granath Hansson, Lector at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, Elmar Erlendsson at the National Housing Fund in Iceland, and Gunnar Casserstedt and Larz Johansson from Stavsjö in Sweden. Questions from the Q&A will be addressed throughout the session.

15.20 Wrap-up and next steps, Kjell Nilsson, Director at Nordregio.

15.30 Mingle and meet, digitally! Use this opportunity to chat with the speakers and meet other participants.

18 November: Planning and policies for inclusive towns and cities 

13.00 Kjell Nilsson, Director at Nordregio, and Kristin Marklund, Project Manager at the Nordic Integration Programme will give an introduction to the theme of the day: inclusiveness. Our moderator of the day, Åsa Ström Hildestrand, Head of Communications Outreach at Nordregio, briefs us about the programme.

13.10 Timothy Heleniak and Nora Sánchez Gassen, both Senior Research Fellows at Nordregio, talk about Migration and mobility – growing minorities in small towns. They will also share some interesting maps showing migration patterns and demographic changes.

13.25 The next topic is Overcoming barriers to inclusion in Nordic cities, presented by Mats Stjernberg, another Senior Research Fellow at Nordregio. Mats Stjernberg has led a project called "Inclusive Cities" and his presentation today will focus on some of the cases and findings from that study.

13.45 Claus Bech-Danielsen will talk about the Danish ghetto policy in practice – lasting effects? Claus Bech-Danielsen is a Professor in architecture and spatial planning at Aalborg University and Principal Investigator in an ongoing evaluation of the reconstruction of certain Danish “ghettos” or segregated areas.

14.05 Ask your questions!

14.30 Short coffee break

14.40 Effective local measures for inclusive towns: Hear experts dwell on what effective local measures can be. With us are Hilma Hólmfríður Sigurðardóttir, Project Manager for Diversity and Inclusion in Reykjanesbær, Antti Kurvinen, Post-Doctoral Researcher at Tampere University, Birgitta Tamminen, Coordinator Working together project, Haparanda-Tornio, and Lisbeth Iversen, Project Manager, Med hjerte for Arendal. Questions from the Q&A will be addressed throughout the session.

15.10 The opposite of exclusion: Youth engagement. Meet the Swedish Local 2030 Hub and Nordic Safe Cities Network.

15.25 Wrap-up and next steps, Kjell Nilsson.

15.30 Mingle and meet, digitally! Use this opportunity to chat with the speakers and meet other participants.

23 November: Skills, matching, and future workplaces

13.00 Karen Refsgaard, Research Director at Nordregio will start today's session together with our moderator and introduce you to the programme and topic.

13.10 Oskar Penje, GIS expert at Nordregio, will set the scene with some interesting maps on labour market changes and forecasts, education levels by municipality, areas affected by automatization, change in working-age population, and cross-border commuting.

13.20 Anna Lundgren and Anna Karlsdóttir, both Senior Research Fellows at Nordregio will talk about Policies and ecosystems to promote skills, followed by Youth, skills, and workplaces in the future.

13.45 Sveinung Skule, Director, Kompetanse Norge (Competence Norway) tells us how they work to improve matching and skills provision throughout Norway, both at a regional and municipal level.

14.05 Ask the experts! Here is your chance to ask questions to the speakers.

14.30 Short break

14.40 How do we improve matching and life-long learning, rural youth involvement, cross-border collaboration; digitalisation and changing skillsets? We have invited four experts to share their views as well as some regional initiatives to learn from. With us are Birgitte Wohl Sem, Senior Advisor at Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Jouko Kinnunen Head of Research, Åland Statistics & Research, Rasmus Hall, Pedagogical Development Manager, Erhvervsakademi Dania, and Sigurður Ólafsson, Secretary-General at the West Nordic Council. Questions from the Q&A will be addressed throughout the session.

15.20 Wrap-up and next steps, Karen Refsgaard.

15.30 Meet and mingle with today's speakers and participants!

Programme for the two final events in our Nordregio Forum series will be released in December.