Gender equality in the arctic

The purpose and objective of the project are to raise visibility and understanding of the importance of gender issues in the Arctic, to identify priorities and concrete strategies for increased diversity and gender balance in policy- and decision-making processes and to provide information to promote sustainable policy making for the future.

The project builds on previous projects in Gender Equality in the Arctic Phases I and II , i.e. initiatives and conferences, in particular the outcomes and recommendations from the Conference – Gender Equality in the Arctic- Current Realities and Future Challenges, that was held in Akureyri in October 2014, and the work of the network of experts related to the Arctic Council’s Sustainable Development Working Group that came together under Phase II of the project.

The Nordic Arctic Co-operation Programmes funding in 2019 is devoted to the first and second milestone of three. These involve a formal launch of the Arctic Gender Network and the webpage to be launched at Arctic Circle Assembly, Reykjavík, October 2019, as well as preparing to publish a Pan-Arctic Report on Gender, planned in summer 2021. The final milestone will be an International Conference on Gender Equality in the Arctic, in Fall 2021.

Countries involved:
Finland, Iceland, Denmark

Lead Applicant, Institutional Affiliation:
Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network

Partners, Institutional Affiliation: Directorate of Equality; Saami Council; Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada; Athabaskan Russia;

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